What to Wear on a First Date

That first date is fast approaching and you have tried on everything in your closet at least a dozen times each, and you still don’t know what to wear? Forget about asking family or friends for advice. They will be looking to just calm you down and trying to ease your stress.

Unsure What to Wear on a First Date?

If you are not sure what to wear on a first date, try these fashion tips so you can focus on having fun instead of obsessing about your appearance.

Complement Your Body Type

Just because that outfit looks great on your favorite celebrity or you bought it because has colors you adore, doesn’t mean it will complement your body type. Get it wrong, and your date may have a hard time focusing on you because they simply can not believe the outfit you wore. There are certain colors and styles that accent your body type, now is the time to show it off. Don’t give away the farm here and show too much, the key is flattering your frame but leaving a lot to the imagination at the same time.

Since you already know which outfits you own that make you look like a million bucks, go that route. If shopping, look for something that is daring, but not flashy. Go for conservative over bold on the first date. The thing to remember is this date is about you, don’t let your outfit choice consume all his attention.

The Name of the Game is Comfort

There is going to be enough stress on your first date, don’t make your outfit choice another reason to be worrying all night. If you are trying to squeeze into that gown or going with heels that make you wobble when you walk, then you suck all the fun out of the night. The smartest fashion tip for a first date is comfort over style every time. When you are comfortable, you are more relaxed and you are able to let the conversation flow without worrying if your button burst or the heel broke on your shoes.

Keep in mind that you don’t know where this evening will turn. Dinner and a movie could turn to boardwalk games or amusement rides, so go casual because this will best prepare you if a curve ball is thrown at you and the fun really begins after the two of you leave that swanky restaurant.

Stop Overthinking Everything

The one thing many forget to consider is that your date may be just as nervous as you are. The two of you are so worried about looking your best, that when you meet, you forget to just relax and get to know each other. One exceptional piece of advice for a first date is to simply stop overthinking everything. Your date wants to hear you talk, see you laugh, and listen to your life story. Your date is not really worried that your earrings didn’t match your boots, or that your belt was a shade darker than your pocketbook. Pick some thing you are comfortable with and that makes you look amazing, then stop sweating the small stuff.

If you are so consumed about what jewelry matches your clothing, and how that darker shade of blush doesn’t go with your dress color, you miss the big picture. Dress like you are going to an upscale coffee shop, and just run with it. If you are comfortable, if your clothing flatters your body, and if you look relaxed, you’ll have a better time on your first date.

Wearing Your Favorite Outfits

Look inside your closet and you will discover you have those go-to pieces that always make you look amazing. Regardless if you are going dancing, to dinner, or a casino, you have some clothing that you wish you could wear all the time. Those are the pieces you want to wear on your first date. Your date may not have seen them before, this is the perfect chance to look your best and feel relaxed too. Think for a second how confident you feel when you are wearing that one outfit in your closet. That outfit is the one that you know turns heads, so there you have it.

Pick the clothing in your closet that rank among your favorites. When you eliminate the stress of looking and feeling good, you can be more open and relaxed on your date. Mix the shoes, the dress, the jeans, the tops, all those pieces that make you look like a celebrity, and walk out the door knowing you will knock ’em dead.

Just Be Yourself

Now you should have a better idea about what to wear on the first date. The saying about one chance for a first impression doesn’t always apply to what you’re wearing. To create a memorable night, you want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident too.

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