Happy anniversary wishes for son

One of the most important occasions of a man’s life is his wedding day. This is the reason wedding anniversaries are so important. When you wish him the best, you are talking about his life, spouse, home and family. You are letting him know how much he means to you and sending happy thoughts for the future. As a parent, you understand everything your son experienced before finding the woman he married. This is your chance to tell him you are proud of his choice. These anniversary wishes for son listed below, will help you find the best words for this special moment.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Son

  • I am so proud of the woman standing by your side and wish you the very best on this heartwarming day. Happy Anniversary, son!
  • If brides were jewels, yours is the crowning glory. Happy anniversary my son, may your future be everything you have dreamed of.
  • I could not decide which gift to purchase for you because you already have everything wonderful in life for this special day.
  • I hope every day of your life is as beautiful as your wedding anniversary. May love float on the air and follow your steps.
  • When you were born, I dreamed of the perfect life for you. Now that you have found it may every day of your life be filled with happiness.
  • Your dad is always joking around that you should have married a woman like me. I like your choice better, happy anniversary son.
  • I hope something unexpected and absolutely wonderful happens to you on this most important day. Happy Anniversary, son!
  • My heart is full because my son is a good man. May you and your wife walk the path to the future with grace and hope.

Sending my love for your day - anniversary wishes for son

  • May your anniversary bring you as much joy as you have brought into my life from the day you were born.

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  • Your anniversary is like potato chips, one is never enough. May each one be more incredible than the last.
  • Sending all of my love for your anniversary, may your day be filled with happiness, joy and love.
  • I hope you enjoy a rich cake with lots of creamy frosting on this day because I want to see that big smile of joy on your face.
  • When you were a boy, you always wanted to taste champagne. Open a bottle on your anniversary son and celebrate like there was no tomorrow.
  • Boys grow into men and fall in love with beautiful women. May the sweetest couple I know celebrate this day in style.
  • I thought about sending a limo on this day then realized you are already where you want to be. Happy anniversary my son.

Happy anniversary son i love you - Anniversary Wishes For Son

  • First, you skinned your knee, then you graduated high school. I am proud of the choices you have made as a man and wish you happiness.
  • Life is funny son. Sometimes the things you always wanted have a way of finding you. May you and your lovely wife enjoy this day.
  • Take the time to enjoy every moment of your anniversary. Images of you never leave my mind and I am always sending you my love.
  • There are thousands of ways to celebrate anniversaries. Think of something new and have the time of your life.

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  • May you and your wife laugh, love and adventure not just on this day but every day of the year. Happy Anniversary, Son!
  • I am sending wishes of good fortune to you on your anniversary just like a fortune cookie!
  • Your anniversary is more special to me than any other holiday because this is the day you found the woman of your dreams.
  • Take the time to appreciate your life as a couple and move forward on the journey of life together no matter where it goes.
  • I thought about calling you and singing happy anniversary but we have both heard me sing. Your welcome.
  • Thank you for giving me a daughter and give her a kiss for me on your anniversary because I love you both endlessly.
  • Today is proof I was being sincere when I told you one day your life would include the partner you always wanted. Happy Anniversary, my little son!

Meaningful wedding anniversary wishes for son

Anniversary Wishes For Son

  • Never forget today is what happens when you listen to your mother. Happy anniversary my son. Happy Anniversary, my little boy!
  • I always wondered how you could remember your anniversary when you always forget ours. As for me, I will never forget this beautiful day.
  • The day you married, you found the most gorgeous pearl in the vast oceans. Congratulations son and be happy.

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  • I woke up thinking of you today and could not let another minute pass without wishing you the best possible anniversary.
  • Anniversaries are the miracle of finding your perfect person in an imperfect world. You succeeded beautifully.
  • Your anniversary is proof you have succeeded in your life. May the rest of your life be just as blessed.
  • This day is not special because it comes but once a year. It is special because of who you spend it with.
  • I was beginning to wonder if you would ever settle down. Now I understand why you waited and you chose well.
  • I always knew you would make me proud, have a wonderful anniversary my son and treasure this day.Happy Anniversary, dear son!
  • Life moves so quickly, make certain you treasure every step along the way and always place your anniversary first.
  • I hope you sing, dance and make a fool of yourself on your anniversary because a little comedy is good for the soul.
  • Dance around your kitchen, whisper beneath the stars and make this day so special you will remember every moment.

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  • I know moms are supposed to be sentimental, but your anniversary has touched my heart so deeply I am stunned.
  • If I could turn my wishes into words I would find a way to tell you how much I love you but will have to settle for happy anniversary.
  • I may be a bit prejudiced but I know I have the best son and daughter-in-law in the world. Enjoy your day together.
  • Take a moment to count your blessings on this day. You will be amazed at how many there are.
  • Remember your anniversary is a day of beauty to be cherished forever and never forgotten. I love you son.
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