Top 10 Indirect Ways to Show You Are in Love with Him

Finally…you have met that cute man, established eye contact and all of a sudden, you touch up your makeup prior to getting on the train! Time has come to make him aware that you are into him! You do not need to risk being embarrassed by directly informing him of your feelings.

Below are top 10 methods of discreetly showing him you are fond of him.

10 Indirect ways to show you are in love with him

Look Him in the Eye and Smile

Smiling is not just going to indicate to him that you are amiable and fun; this will arouse his curiosity as to the reason for your smile! Catch his eye, make a count of three and glance elsewhere. This is going to form a close connection between you; soon he is going to be racking his brains thinking of a way to bring a smile to your lips!

However, avoid staring! Using your eyes to flirt is an art. Practice in the house at the front of a mirror. Gaze into your eyes, close them then turn your glance away, gradually moving your head to one side. Or the other way round; looking at a place in the horizon, close your eyes, open them and look straight in the eyes of the other individual (or yourself during practice). Do this gradually. It is an extremely sexy move which will certainly capture his attention!

Touch Him

As you are getting inside the train, brush against him or touch his hand when having a conversation with him. Get ways of touching him while talking. This is another method of forming a quick bond; it makes you appear a lot friendlier! Ensure your touch is gentle and soft…everything else will just take second place in his mind…
Remember Details!
He has informed you his mother’s name, what gift he bought her for Christmas and the date of his dog’s birthday. Do not forget this! While having a conversation, you can mention it and this will flatter him because you remembered and he will immediately feel closer to you. Be a part of his life. As he becomes freer with you, he is going to feel closer to you.

However, ensure you progress from the friend part. After he begins divulging things about his issues with girls, it may be time to make him aware you desire more than friendship, in a manner which is less isolated.

Question Him

Which restaurant does he like most? Which team does he offer support? Which person would he adore to see playing live? You may discover you share common interests and possibly fix a date; you are going to have each of the information you require to obtain the most awesome gifts for him in future!

It is believed that individuals just feel great when others desire to find out more about them and question them. Therefore, use this small trick on the object of your desire!

Tease Him

Joke about his fluffy hair, or a speck of cake being stuck on his chin…it might be childish but effective! Tease him softly and he is going to find you sweet. When teasing is carried out correctly, it works wonders! Many couples began this way and lived happily after!

Pay Attention to Him Fully

Many times, it is extremely difficult for men to know when they are interested. As a woman, you should provide him with as many clues as you can. When having a conversation with him, accord him your total attention. Avoid writing texts and look him in the eye. Laugh at whatever is funny and ensure you listen so as to respond. In addition to being unconsciously flattering, he is going to feel drawn to you and at last he will discover you enjoy having a conversation with him.

Meet His Buddies

Being a part of his life is going to create the switch from just a friend to a girlfriend very easily. Therefore, when possible, meet his buddies and be charming to all of them! However, ensure you behave a bit differently when it comes to him, to avoid him viewing you as a flirt and not become aware you are fond of him!

Once in a while, glance his way. Even when another person is talking, look at your special man, to make him aware you certainly have an interest in him. Attempting to become close is another method of indicating that you have a liking for the man.

Look Lovely

You should not seem vain; however, ensure you look great when meeting him. Improve your natural facial appearance and smile often; he is definitely going to consider you beautiful! Hair should be well done and makeup such as foundation, lipstick and mascara applied skillfully. The scent of a wonderful perfume and your skin’s smoothness is an effective lure also. Ensure your fingernails as well as toenails look impeccable and apply some cream to your hands to ensure he can’ resist touching your skin!


This is a crucial point. You look wonderful, you are having a conversation with him as well as touching him…be confident as you do this! Being self-assured immediately portrays you as fun and sexy, which he is going to find irresistible. In case you lack confidence, fake it! After you practice a number of times, it will flow naturally.

Self-assurance should not be mistaken for arrogance. This point entails good posture when walking or sitting, giving a nice smile, using a tone which is relaxed and confident; not very loud nor too soft. You can do some practice at the mirror. Assume the role of your preferred celebrity and walk and talk confidently like they would. You will discover this is effective.

Give Him a Special Feeling

A common error people make, is that they do not treat the individual they like, any differently from other people. The reason may be because they are a bit scared of showing their feelings too openly; however, it is very important to let the man you like become aware that you do not regard him as simply one of the friends you have. Therefore, when you meet him next time, give him different treatment from other people.

If you don’t, he may never realize something special exists between you two!

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