50 Happy Thanksgiving Wishes and Blessings For Your Friends And Family

Have a wonderful Thanks giving day wishes

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Thanksgiving Day is a special and holy day. Count your blessings and always be grateful to your dear friends and family. Show how much thankful you are to your friends and your beloved family, by sending a beautiful card with your most warm Thanksgiving wishes and blessings.

Find below a collection of “Happy Thanksgiving wishes and blessings for your friends and family” for this holy day and for the most important people in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes For Everyone

  • May your oven be filled with turkey and pie,
    May your Thanksgiving blessings reach the sky.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table be love.
  • Wishing you a cornucopia of blessings at Thanksgiving and always.
  • Wishing you an attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving season.
  • Here’s hoping for a parade of blessings as you celebrate another Thanksgiving Day.
  • May your pumpkin pie be scrumptious and your after-dinner nap be satisfying. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes and blessings

  • As you enjoy the rich traditions of Thanksgiving, may you be truly blessed.
  • As our families break bread together, may the blessings we share inspire us throughout the season. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
  • Feasting, football, family, and friends make Thanksgiving special. May yours be truly amazing.
  • Here’s hoping all the gobbling won’t leave you wobbling! May your Thanksgiving be divine.
  • Seasoned with time,
    Wrinkled by laughter,
    My family’s faces
    Bring joy ever after.
    I love you at Thanksgiving and every day.
  • Wishing you and yours a harvest of festivity and joy this Thanksgiving season.
  • May this be a November to remember as you celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.
  • May your yams be candied and your peaches be brandied as you partake of the fruits of another Thanksgiving season.
  • May your joy be abundant as you reflect on another year of blessings this Thanksgiving.
  • May prayers and good wishes abound as you sit down to another beautiful Thanksgiving table.
  • May the gravy flow in abundance over your piping hot potatoes, and may the whipped cream be piled sky high on your pumpkin pie as you enjoy another round of holiday feasting.
  • Wishing you abundant grace, a generous helping of blessings, and smooth sailing as you celebrate another season of Thanksgiving.
  • Memories of mouthwatering home-cooked meals, childhood laughter, and warm conversation bless me when I think of my family at Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see you.

always give thanks in everything - Happy Thanksgiving day

  • May your turkey be plump and your potatoes fluffy;
    May your cranberries be tart and your rolls puffy!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • Thank you for always welcoming me into your lovely home and into your lives. I love you like family. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
  • May your gobbler and your cobbler be especially delicious this Thanksgiving.
  • Wishing you wealth, wisdom, and well-being this Thanksgiving season.
  • Fall is the time for bonfires, hoodies, and colorful leaves. I hope you enjoy all this and more as you celebrate another Thanksgiving season.
  • May your nap be as big as your appetite!
  • Here’s wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving filled with camaraderie, conversation, and comfort food. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May your fireplace stay warm and your table festive as you celebrate another year of Thanksgiving.
  • As the generations gather for another year of remembrance and giving thanks, may your blessings overflow.
  • Prayers for a gleeful gathering of family and friends as you commemorate another year around the table.
  • My beloved, you belong with me on Thanksgiving. I am blessed just to know you.
  • The finest friends,
    At the table together,
    Welcome and warm,
    No matter the weather.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Happy thanksgiving wishes and blessings

  • Moments of unity as we offer thanks for our many blessings is what Thanksgiving means to me.
  • Spicy and spirited, sweet and sincere.
    Thanksgiving is the best time of year.
  • Relaxing with relatives, rejoicing through tears,
    Giving thanks for all our years.
  • With food aplenty and problems few,
    Thanksgiving reminds us God’s love is true.
  • Sending Thanksgiving wishes from across the miles;
    May God strengthen our love and lessen our trials.
  • We thank you, Lord, for your kindness and care;
    For sending Your love and blessings to share.
  • Thanksgiving is a time to recognize the Giver of all good things. Thanks be given to our gracious God who loves us so.
  • Thank you, heavenly Father, for providing for our every need. May we bless others as You have blessed us.
  • May your Thanksgiving be filled with good health, harmony, and extra helpings.
  • May your blessings overflow so that you may share them with others this Thanksgiving season.
  • Around the Thanksgiving table this year, I’m wishing you a perfectly carved turkey and a peace treaty with your in-laws. May the wishbone always be in your favor.
  • Whether your turkey is fried, or roasted and basted,
    May it be the best bird that you’ve ever tasted.
  • Can we talk turkey for a moment? Thanksgiving is not the time to eat like a bird. Get in there and gobble it up.
  • May this Thanksgiving be stuffed with blessings and love.
  • This Thanksgiving,
    May your pumpkin pie be made from scratch
    From the tastiest pumpkin in the patch!
  • Give thanks with a heart that is grateful and true,
    As you count all the blessings that come to you.
  • This Thanksgiving, may you use your blessings wisely.
  • Thankful, grateful, blessed.
    Wishing you the very best.
  • I’m thankful for hearts full of cheer,
    As we celebrate another good year.
  • May your blessings be multiplied and your problems subtracted this Thanksgiving season.
  • A basket of blessings is coming your way
    As we rejoice in another Thanksgiving Day.
  • May the pleasing aroma of love fill your home on Thanksgiving Day.
  • May your life be filled with beautiful days,
    And your blessings reach you in beautiful ways.
  • Thanksgiving is a day set aside to remind us to be grateful. May you have much to be grateful for.
  • I’m sorry that I can’t be with you this Thanksgiving, but I’m grateful you’re in my heart.
  • Let’s be thankful for what we have, not bitter for what we have not.