Surprise Your wife On Her Birthday

So you’ve got an important birthday coming up and you want to surprise your wife. Any quick search for fun date ideas brings back millions of hits. Pages listing romantic ideas, inexpensive dates and simple, sweet surprises are everywhere with no lack of the usual fare: write her a poem, watch the sunset and drink wine, full body massages, hidden notes and a beautiful birthday wish.

It is time to shake it up with some new and innovative ideas to give her an amazing birthday to remember and to love you even more!

Get Theatrical or Creative

Do you have an artsy side and want to share it in a new way? Or are you looking for a way to do something completely out of character for you? Let your creative ideas flow!

1. Create a digital scrapbook with an online template or create your own in Word, Photoshop or another program. Include a list of everything you love or find interesting about her. Think of it as a love letter that includes memes, pictures screenshots and your heartfelt words. It will show time and effort and also highlights how well you know her and pay attention to her.

2. Take the day and and plan to wow her with a fantasy life in a musical. Put a song list together and follow her around playing the ‘soundtrack’ to her day. Take her out for a glorious afternoon around town for a meal or some shopping eagerly informing everyone that the woman you love is having a special day. At some point, plan to recreate her favorite romantic scene and surprise her with your rendition.

3. Sign up for a painting or pottery class where you can both learn a new skill. There are so many new locations popping up around cities everywhere that have painting parties and allow wine. This would be a great opportunity to dabble in creating something for each other or for you home together.

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Get Nostalgic

Taking a step back and planning a surprise that takes you back to middle and high school days makes all kinds of happy feelings glow. Tap into that warmth with some youthful fun.

3. Does your city have an ice skating rink? This is a fun, uncommon and challenging activity that can be so much fun paired with a coffee or hot chocolate snack. And don’t forget roller skating!n Many of us have fond memories of roller rink birthday parties in our youth. It’s a fun and surprising way to connect with your wife that will take you back to those carefree times.

4. A really fun night that hearkens back is a night at the arcade. Take your wife out to either a local joint that has pizza and games, or visit one of the larger venues that offer meals and games. Challenge each other on two player games or decide on a fun prize and try to get as many tickets as you can to win it.

5. While planning and packing a picnic may be old news, why not couple it with a day of fun on a playground. Pack some water pistols, wiffle ball and bat or other fun outdoorsy games. Get on the swings and chase her around the jungle gym. It will make for an unforgettable day.

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Get Active

Couples overwhelmingly report that activities that incorporate excitement, laughter, and intense fun help them bond as a couple. So take a look around your city and seek out a new and exciting experience for both of you.

6. A fun new venue that is opening everywhere is the trampoline jump centers. Imagine the fun you can have leaping and bounding. This heart pumping activity is really thinking out of the box for exciting and unexpected.

7. Have you heard of an escape room? It’s an adventure type of adult playspace that puts old hat murder mystery theater to shame. Work with your wife to figure out an escape!

Play Hooky Together

Birthday in the middle of the work week? Make plans with her to take the day and make it all about her.

8. Take a deep breath and surprise her by doing that one thing you know she desperately wants to do. That thing you have been avoiding, and she knows it.

-Get tickets to that romantic movie.

-Take her shopping for that gift for her sister.

-Listen to that audio book or read a romance novel with her.

Whatever it is, let her know that what she wants to share with you is important.

9. Proclaim her birthday a do-nothing-lazy-day and surprise her with how much fun that can be. Put your phones away and spend the day snuggled on the couch in blankets and pillows finally binging on the show she has been wanting to watch. Order in her favorites and have some quality time together.

10. If you and your wife are foodies then surprise her with a fun progressive meal date, you can spread it over the course of the day or plan a dinner after a day of pampering her.

These dates start at one restaurant for appetizers and move to another favorite for the main course. Visit a third for dessert. A romantic tip is to arrive before she does so appetizers and wine are waiting for her.

As a fun twist you could pretend to be food critics and go to various restaurants trying the same meal.

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Create Beautiful Memories

Create some lasting and cherished memories with your wife love by getting out into the world for an adventure. Taking the time to plan and execute something just for her can shatter the routine of your lives and let you bond over a completely new experience.

She will see that you pay attention to the things she likes and have made an effort to make her day extra special.

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