Is Your Partner Taking You For Granted?

If you are starting to feel drained or like you’re not quite getting all that you are putting in to your relationship, take a minute to consider these signs that you are being taken for granted in your relationship.

They might not be deal breakers, but they might be things to be addressed in order to save and make your relationship better than it is today.

Relationships are hard, we all know that. To keep things fresh and honest, constant work and communication is key. Sometimes these positive aspects aren’t as obvious and it’s time to take stock of what’s going on.

Signs You Are Being Taken For Granted

 1. You don’t Know Where He Lives?

If your guy always crashes at your house, you might want to take a look at the stats. You’re a hard working person who can provide for yourself, so why let someone else mooch?

It’s one thing to have your significant other spend the night part of the week, but if it’s every day and there are things like roommates they are avoiding or you live closer to their job, you might want to take another look at the situation. Let him know you are notice him over staying his welcome and that arrangements might need to change if things are going to work.

2. He Only Calls You at Midnight

We’ll keep it classy here, but we all know I’m talking about a booty call. If your guy is calling you up when he is feeling lonely late at night and doesn’t show up any other time, he may be taking you for granted. Of course, you could be on board with these calls and enjoy them, so more power to you.

3. You Are Not His Priority?

When you feel that you are not playing an important role in your partner’s life and there are many times that you are just following them and your word doesn’t count. You are their second or third option

4. You Have Something He Wants; Money

Don’t let yourself get taken for granted. If your guy is consistently asking for a few bucks, letting you take the dinner tab every time you go out or doesn’t volunteer to step it up when it’s time to pay for outings together. As a person who works hard for their money, it’s not fair to always be paying it forward for others, all the time. Let your guy know that you want an even relationship and that it’s time for him to pony up sometimes.

5. He Really, Really, Really Likes Your Car

In fact, he likes it so much that he does not ever drive or even volunteer to drive his car anywhere. Using your car to get around town isn’t such a bad thing, but if he constantly suggests taking your car, you might want to look a little closer at how things are.

Try sharing the cost of gas or proposing to take his ride next time and you might be surprised to the reason why he doesn’t want to drive- a dirty and junky car, perhaps? Even if you don’t drive on a daily basis and use public transportation, does he do his part? Does he pay for the taxi or pay for his own subway pass?  If he tends to pass these costs onto you, then you might also want to take another look around.

6. Your Cooking is the Best He Has Ever Had; and He Wants It Daily

There’s something to be said for a good cook and staying in for meals is a great way to be on a budget. There is an instance where this doesn’t work so well though- when you budget for one and you are cooking for two, all the time. If your guy is constantly eating your food, suggest splitting the cost or sharing the process.

If you hate cleaning up after a meal or cutting the vegetables beforehand, ask for some help. A simple trade like this could be an easy fix to a problem that could be the undoing of your long term relationship.

7. The Two of You Have One Set of Interests; His

It makes a relationship that much better when to the two of you have some similar interests, but it takes so much away from the everyday enjoyment together if the only interests you have are his. By solely taking on his hobbies and sitting through all of those TV shows or movies you hate, you are letting your guy take you for granted. It’s one thing to compromise on activities and causes day to day, but by simply taking one set of these interests, so much is being missed out on.

If your significant other does not take into account how much you dislike horror films but still insists you go see one, they might not realize who you are and what you really have to offer. A movie might be a silly thing, but over time, these issues can add up and really make a dent in your relationship. It’s crucial to have a shared, common set of interests but by don’t let you get lost in the couple. If he’s the sole voice of interests in the relationship, then it can’t truly be called a relationship.

8. He Only Has Time When It Suits Him

Time is a huge factor in the relationship game and is something that needs to always be seen as equal. Even though we already mentioned only being wanted around on his time, this isn’t meant about a booty call. This has to do with social and personal time spent together. If your guy doesn’t ever want to go out or spend good, quality time together, except when it suits him, that’s not always good news. By operating solely on his schedule and to his whims, you are simply not being considered.

He should know that your time is valuable and there is no need to waste your days if your feelings and schedule is not being considered at all. Waiting by the phone for a call isn’t fun when you first start dating, but it especially isn’t cool a while in to the relationship.

Hi! I'm Maya Taylor. I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences through this blog. I'm a couples and relationships counselor since 2008. My friends call me "relationships therapist". I'm passionate with life and I believe that life is meaningless without love. Hope to have a great communication through!