Love Messages For Daughter - We Love You Sweetie

We sometimes need help putting into words thoughts of love we want to convey in other ways besides just saying, “I love you.” Daughters are special in so many ways. It’s nice for them to have a keepsake of things we might otherwise just casually convey in speech. These warm and sweet poems and messages for daughter attempt to put those deeper feelings into written words of love and appreciation.

I Love You Messages For Daughter – Warm and Sweet

  • You are pretty and bright,
    Like the early morning light,
    You are our cute little treasure,
    And to Love you is our only pleasure!
  • Daughter, we’ve always been so proud of you.
    It’s hard not to boast of the things you do.
    Mom and I just want you to know
    That making the team has made us glow.
  • As you leave for college, daughter, dear,
    It won’t be the same without you here.
    As happy as we are for you,
    It leaves both of us a little blue
    That e-mails and texts will just have to do.
  • Thank you for caring for me in my old age.
    It hasn’t been easy with your Mom gone,
    But you’re so much like her in so many ways.
    Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and beauty
    Bring back memories of her so comforting to me.
  • Daisies and daffodils
    Remind us of you.
    You brighten our days
    And make us remember
    How happy we are
    That you are our daughter.
  • Though raising you
    Has not always been smooth,
    Your moods and tantrums
    Not easy to soothe.
    You’re still a daughter
    We’d never trade
    For one without drama
    Who always obeyed.
  • Our daughter is nothing like a son,
    Unless you’re talking about the sun,
    Bright, shining, warm, and fun.
    Our daughter is nothing like a roaring sea,
    But our daughter is certainly something to see,
    Beautiful, charming, and smart is she.
  • Thank you for our new grand-baby, dear,
    This new life with you
    Our whole family can share.
    The sweetest darling
    Ever to live,
    The best gift to us
    You ever could give.
  • Sometimes a phone call
    Isn’t enough to let you know
    I’m thinking of you
    So many miles away from me.
    You’ve grown into more
    Than just a daughter.
    I think of you now
    As my best friend, too.

More than a daughter -love message for daughter

  • When you were small
    You were cute as could be.
    Now our cute little girl
    Has a Ph.D.
    We Love you, honey!
  • If anyone thinks daughters are special,
    They need to meet ours to know it’s true.
    Other daughters simply cannot
    Ever compare with you.
  • Thrills of planning your wedding are finally upon us,
    The food, the flowers, the guest lists, the showers…
    There’s just one small item I hadn’t thought of ’til now,
    Should tissues for my tears match Mother’s gown?
  • Remember when I taught you how to make potato salad?
    Now you can teach me how to make souffle.
    You’ve always exceeded everything I’ve taught you.
    What more could a mother ask for?
  • Our little girl is 21
    The best of your life has just begun,
    We wish you one day to find a man,
    Who will Love you as much as he can!
  • Your success is ours, daughter.
    We knew you could do it.
    We are proud of you, dear!
  • You’ve always been a grateful girl
    For what we’ve done for you.
    We want you to know how much we admire
    Every single last thing that you do.
  • Into the world
    Of the great unknown,
    Independent and free,
    Standing tall on her own,
    We taught our daughter to be.
    But it’s bittersweet
    For your Dad and for me.
  • A prince has come
    To take my princess.
    Stole her away
    With his charms and kisses.
    But I’m still your Dad,
    And always will be,
    And I have to be glad
    For that guarantee.
  • Sophisticated, smart and sweet
    There’s no doubt that you are.
    Just peek outside and you will see
    Our graduation gift to you,
    A shiny, sporty, brand new car!
  • At six months you were toothless,
    At six years you were ruthless,
    Ten years later replaced,
    By your sweetness and coolness,
    Our hugs and kisses to an awesome daughter!
  • Of course, I baked your favorite cake,
    Planned the party and favors
    For friends to partake.
    Though years with you, daughter,
    Fly by all too fast,
    I sure hope your life
    Will be a big blast!
  • Flowers and candy
    And lots of kisses
    Come with this message
    Of happiness wishes
    To our daughter who ranks
    As the best that can be
    We’re so proud of you
    And we deeply love you!
  • Words cannot express
    Our sorrow for your loss.
    A daughter so good,
    Undeserving of sorrow,
    We’d do anything
    To bear your cross.
  • Today is the day that you turn eight.
    At four you learned to roller skate.
    What will we see from you this year,
    Our brave, big girl
    Who knows no fear?
    We Love you sweetie!
  • True, Dad and I said
    To break a leg,
    Proud of our Juliet
    In the school play.
    But not when skiing
    It is also okay.
    Just get well real soon
    For our hikes at the shore
    This coming June.
  • Dear daughter,
    No matter how far from home
    Or where you lay your head,
    Never doubt our love for you
    Because of words unsaid.
  • We’re so excited you’re having a baby.
    No words can truly convey
    The pride that parents of a daughter feel
    When her baby is on the way.
  • When it comes to daughters
    Who are smart and sweet
    We know for a fact
    That ours can’t be beaten.
    We Love you!
  • It’s hard to imagine
    One more year has flown
    Since you left home.
    We’re both happy for you
    And we just want to say
    We Love you so much and
    We deeply care about you!
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