How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Have you been wondering why he behaves so strangely when you’re around? Do you want to know what’s up with him and why does he act so weird, but you’re hesitant to ask him? Is there a close bond or connect you feel between the two of you? It can be a bit frustrating to tell if he likes you.

You can be entirely wrong or rather assuming, if you make the first move. Even one wrong move can ruin the friendship that the two of you have. If he really likes you, then that’s more than perfect! But, if he doesn’t, you’ll be greatly disappointed.

10 Unmistakable signs to tell if a guy likes you

So, how to tell if a guy like you? There is no other way you’ll get to know that he does unless he tells you that. Otherwise, you can look for these ten unmistakable signs to know for yourself:

1. Does he stare at you often?

One of the first signs that he’s really interested about you is the way he often looks at you. Though men are tough, they may not be the most outspoken when it comes to the women they love. He may have something to tell you or he’s simply amazed by you that’s why he keeps looking at you.

Either way, if he holds his gaze for a long time – it’s pretty obvious, he’s developed feelings for you. The way he looks says it all, which is a good thing and very soon you’ll know it for sure.

2. Do your friends tell you that?

The best way to know how to tell if a guy likes you is to ask your friends. There is a good chance he may have asked them about you. Men are interested in a woman if he repeatedly asks her friends about her. Knowing that your friends will be able to provide information about you like your name, where do you stay, are you dating someone, and so on.

Since friends are always interested to know about things related to love, they’ll obviously tell you about him. That’s a positive indication that he’s actually shared his feelings with them.

3. Has he made you laugh often?

If you notice he’s making you smile often, you are surely thinking the right thing! He does like when you laugh at his stories and does everything so that you notice him. When in a group, check to see whether you’re the first person he looks at after cracking a joke.

4. Does he annoy you sometimes?

As already stated, men will do everything to get the attention of the girl they love. So much so that they’ll sometimes do such things that you’ll totally get annoyed at. For instance, he slightly punches you in your face. Men do such things to find out if you like being teased by him and that you like him too. They may do it often to see you smile. Take this to your advantage to be sure whether he likes you or not.

How to tell if a guy likes you? He will never intentionally annoy you if you don’t like it. It shows that he respects your mood.

5. You think he pays attention?

He will listen to everything you say and not miss any single word you say. He will be attentive and listen to what you have to say even if it’s a topic that does not interest him. To make an impression he will make sure to prolong the condition. In fact, he will even ask unnecessary questions to you. That’s when you know he likes you.

6. He stutters too often around you?

How to tell if a guy likes you? If he stutters when you’re around or when speaking to you. It doesn’t mean he’s not confident, it’s just that he’s nervous. You can help him by breaking the ice. Strike few quick conversations. Gradually he will start speaking with you confidently.

7. Does he get jealous when you talk to other guys?

That’s a sure sign. He gets to his highest level of jealousy when you speak to other men at a party. Sure, he does not tell you that, but every woman does face a similar situation at some time. Watch out for him spilling out the beans about what he feels when you speak to other guys. Notice the hint of anger he he tells you that. He unmistakably loves you.

8. He does not have an interest in other girls?

If he does not check any other girl and likes spending time with you only, you just can’t miss the fact that he’s very much into you. To understand whether he’s only thinking about you, ask if he is interested in anyone. You will definitely know that he likes you by the way he will answer and the answer he will give you.

9. Does he help you out more?

Even if it’s the most tedious work, he will do for you. He is always up to do your job. If he doesn’t like you that much, will be spend that much time for you?

10. He speaks to you for a long time?

Does he send you a messaging as he sees you online? To make sure that he isn’t speaking to you like a friend and there’s more to his frequent chats, check how long does he chat with you. If every time he calls you up and talks to you for a long time, then he obviously likes talking to you. Do you want any more clues here?

Are you not sure of the signs to know how to tell if a guy likes you? The best way to know that is to just go and ask him, but do not make him nervous. Most guys are timid when it comes to expressing their love for the girl they like. If you get these hints, then maybe you can make him comfortable during your conversations and he might just spill out everything to you!

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