Get a Girl to Like You

In the life of a guy, probably the most difficult time is when he starts to develop a liking for a girl. However, he doesn’t have the confidence to tell about his feelings to her. There are certain reasons why many guys are shy in expressing their feelings for the woman they like. They consider financial aspects or the way they look as the major hindrances to getting attention from a girl. But, in reality, there are many more reasons. Also, there are several good reasons about how to get a girl to like you.

The guy should have great methods of courting her. It gets simpler when you are aware of the tips to get a girl to like you.

Do not neglect your appearance

Although, outward appearances may not always be the best criteria to choose a guy, but many women prefer men that wear neat clothes and care for their image. Simply adorning a fresh look everyday can work wonders. The girl you like will notice you and understand that your look is important to you. Also, if you haven’t met the girl of your dreams, you simply may not know when you may meet her. So, it is always better to be ready at all times. Remember, as always, first impression plays a major part.

Wear your clothes to match your personality. Wear a perfume and use after shave, but in a discreet manner only.

Speak strong and tactfully

Start your conversation naturally, so you don’t come across as awkward. If you have skills and super talents, it is a great way to engage her into conversing with you and she may find you interesting. Highlighting your talents will make you come across as more dynamic with a personality. Wait for the right opening to speak up otherwise you may appear like you’re bragging.

Want to know how to get a girl to like you? Confidence is the key. Every girl likes getting compliments, but that should not seem like flirtatious or flattery. If you do so, you might disappoint the girl. If the girl is already an acquaintance, then you can let her know which of her qualities you like best. Never let an attractive girl pass by as just a friend, unless you do not have any intentions of dating her. Girls find it easier to to stay friends with an attractive guy. Men are naturally more prone towards wooing any girl they find attractive.

Again, there are exceptions. If a girl is already dating another guy and you have fallen for her, do not simply back off. No girl is ever out of your league as long as you truly believe you are worthy of her. This will surely leave a lasting impression on her.

Be nice, polite and make use of humor

When you want to ask a girl out, invite her politely. Think of the things you will say to her before talking to her. Try to have a sense of humor. Girls prefer guys that are jovial, but in a nice way. Make sure your humor does not hurt her feelings. This is an important characteristic to develop if you want to get a girl to like you.

Humor makes conversations lighter and interesting. It exhibits your intelligence so you appear more attractive to the girl. It speaks about your attitude and also that you understand when to crack a joke. Make sure your punch lines are actually funny, otherwise these may fall flat and you will end up talking no sense at all.

Women love to laugh and rate sense of humor as the top most quality of a guy they want to be with. You can also make fun of yourself! That’s right! Telling stories of self-deprecation show that you are comfortable in your own skin. It also talks about your ability to handle complicated situations on your own. Again, girls love men with a dynamic personality.

Give her your whole attention

Another crucial factor that attracts a girl towards you is the way you make her feel when you are with her. Even if a good looking woman passes by the restaurant window, keep your eyes focused on her. Make sure you pay good attention to what she says and try asking her follow-up questions to build her interest.

It right away shows that you are interested in what she has to say. If she feels appreciated and your caring nature of making her feel special will go a long way in making her feel more bonded with you.

The next move

Another secret to get a girl to like you, you must know that it is best to keep the real reason of your interest to yourself before you know that she likes you back. It is easy to be straight and ask a girl out. But, thereafter you have no control over her decision. So, why would you want to ruin your chances? Instead, take it slow and play your cards right. Knowing how to make the girl like you will surely win her heart. You may even not have to express your feelings to her!

Women are attracted to goal-oriented men and those that know their direction in life. No girl would want to date a man who keeps on drifting in his relationships and career. Your girl should know that she is your priority. To be a competitive contender, you must be sure of what you want in life.


Just be your own self and be confident. Keep your sense of humor intact in any situation and you’ll see it is not difficult to be loved by a girl. Not taking yourself seriously and letting your guard down to show your goofy side lets the girl you like be herself completely. It sets a vibe between the both of you and your lady will realize there is something special about you.

Life coach, writer and always in love!