Things Girls Look for in Guys

The perfect man does not exist, but the man that suits a woman perfectly. But, what are the first things girls look for in guys? Guys, do not be clueless. If you are a guy looking for a woman, take note of some of the things a lady will notice or look for when trying to find a good man.

Ladies, have standards and do not just look for someone for the sake of settling and simply having a companion. Here we go:

What are the first things girls look for in guys?

1. How put together is his appearance?

First off, a girl will judge a guy by his appearance, but it is not just good looks. It is how well he is put together that she is looking at. If a guy is too put together with his appearance, it is a huge red flag, that he is high maintenance.

Girls like to look nice too, but if she has to feel like she has to keep up with her guy all the time in the looks department, it can be hard. He will always be wondering if his shirt is tucked in evenly, if his collar is straight, or if his pants make his rear look fat. That is what women do — not men.

Also note though that if a guy is dressed too sloppy, it just means he does not care about his appearance. While the outer shell of a person only tells part of the story, it can mean that a guy slacks off on a lot of other things in life too.

His shoes might be untied, or he might show up to a special occasion in a t-shirt. This is every woman’s nightmare. A girl wants to be proud of her man rather than embarrassed.

2. How well versed is he?

Everything out of his mouth does not have to be a million dollar word with five syllables. However, if he talks sloppy with a lot of slang or curses like a sailor, she will not like it.

A man’s method of speaking as well as his manners can say a lot about him. Of course, most women think that a good accent is sexy, whether it is a southern drawl or a cute British accent.

What a woman really wants is a guy she can talk to like she is human. A conversation is essential to a good relationship, and that is one of the first things she will look for.

How easy is he to talk to? It might be a struggle, and that could get old and boring after a while. He needs to pick up his part of the conversation too.

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3. What are his hobbies or interests?

Guys either love their hobbies and interests and can share them with his girl, without being pushy, or he can be completely obsessed by them and practically force her to participate or watch while he does.

Is he a video gamer and she likes to sit and watch or play along? That is great! Or is he a NASCAR “junkie” who knows every stat about every player and to her it is just a bunch of cars driving around in circles and she is bored, but he does not even try to compromise? That is so not cool.

Relationships are “give and take” – compromise is essential. This will become completely noticeable after a really good conversation. If there is no genuine conversation between the two of you, then it is likely not ever going to happen or be a happy one if either chooses to settle.

4. What are his imperfections?

She will take note of a cute little scar above his eyebrow, and it could be a good story about how he got that. She might even take notice of a freckle that is a little bit darker on the side of his cheek. She sees those tiny imperfections as adorable whether or not he hates them or is insecure about them. Even the little things are memorable.

5. What does he do that is so cute?

This has nothing to do necessarily with overall looks. A girl looks at a guy and sometimes notices his lopsided grin with one deep dimple in his cheek. Or she might notice that when he laughs, he tilts his head back completely.

He may talk lovingly about his mom or tell about the silly days he spent in his college dorm. She loves those little quirks and finds them quite compelling.

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6. How manly is he?

Ladies do not always like macho men. That is not the point here. She is looking for a guy who practices chivalry because it is not dead and opens doors, walks her to the door, or texts her just to say he made it home safely.

Sometimes ladies like a little aggression in their man. It doesn’t mean she is looking for someone who is ready to start a bar fight, but instead, someone who is a bit assertive rather than seeming to act like a doormat.

7. How interesting is he?

Conversation, again, is a huge deal breaker. He may talk for hours about something but somehow makes it intriguing. It might be something she knows nothing about but is interested in.

She does not want him to ramble but include her in the conversation. Questions that end with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers will get old fast. Talk to each other about new things.

People always have something to say even if it is a funny story about something in the past. Sometimes women like to learn a little bit about something they do not know much about.

However, when she starts to look glazed over and bored, it is time for him to switch to something else. He does not have to be that guy who has been on African safaris, crocodile hunting in the Outback, or backpacks throughout Europe to be interesting.


All of these seven things a girl looks for in a guy can help her determine, whether or not, a guy is someone who will be compatible with her. Generally, can help her determine a man’s personality.

Women like to feel like they can relate to others and connect on many different levels whether it just be about last night’s big baseball game (and you are both fans) or if you are discussing the meaning of life.

Conversation and communication have to be there, or it more than likely will not work. Most of all, it takes both people just being themselves.

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