Effective Approaches To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

There are several different approaches to getting the girl you’ve been dating to be more than just a steady date, but instead become a steady girlfriend.

While many might assume after a certain period of time, often dictated by the crowd at your school or university, neighborhood, or small town, deciding together that the two of you are couple removes all doubt and a lot of stress too.

Here are the two best approaches on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

The Direct Approach

Best for asking girls who are no-nonsense, single moms, and others who don’t act all mushy-gushy.

⇒ Pick a time when there are few distractions so the two of you can talk quietly without needing to raise your voices. Those lulls in the background noise are the worst times to be ‘caught’ saying something private to each other and can really kill the mood.

⇒ Make it memorable with a dated card or an engraved locket, bracelet charm, or even a key-chain. Rings signify a much greater amount of dedication, so hold off on that for at least a while longer before you decide on one of those. Something that can be tucked away in a scrapbook for safekeeping or placed on her bulletin board in her room like a card, or even a blown-up photo of the both of you (perhaps a collage?) works perfectly. Smaller items that have a built-in usefulness also serve as ongoing reminders of your new relationship.

⇒ Ask her in person, even if you say it in a note, song, or even a video you show her online. She needs to hear you ask, in person, face-to-face. There might be moments on the phone that seem perfect, but just like she wants to see your face, eyes and body language, you want to see her reaction, as well.

⇒ And don’t be surprised if she asks you first! Girls know they can ask you instead of waiting for you to work up your courage. Don’t tell her no simply because you think only guys can ask.

The Romantic Approach

Perfect for snagging your princess from the pond. No fish here, but there are plenty of frogs waiting in line.

⇒ Have flowers prearranged for delivery, even if you pick them yourself and have a friend take them to her. She’ll be wondering what’s up until you see her again. Then she’ll be ready to hear what you’ve got to say.

⇒ Be creative and make it as memorable as possible. You want this relationship to last, and grow into something better, stronger, and long-lasting. That means memories shared between the two of you and there’s no better time to start than now. Pick a date on the calendar that means something to both of you that holds good memories. Then pick another date, any other date. You don’t want to choose to ask her on a date that already holds meaning for either of you. This moment needs to have its own memories from the start, without sharing the limelight with another event.

⇒ Wait until things are quiet, but don’t make her wait forever. Impatient girls are a no-no, and you want to give her the best of yourself, even when you’re nervous and maybe sweating a bit. This is about the two of you, not merely you, or her, but together. You’re asking her, in effect, if she wants to partner with you and avoid other guys, to be ‘your girl’ and only yours.

⇒ Even in this day and age, where women say they want to be independent, they never mean lonely and neglected. They want to be realized for their worth, not just how well they make you look compared to other guys.

Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend

There are different ways to ask a girl to become your steady and exclusive girlfriend, sharing a committed relationship with each other. This shouldn’t happen right after you meet a girl, even if she seems perfect. You want her to know you for your own quirks and personality pluses and minuses, not just your dashing good looks.

You deserve to stand out from all the other guys in your part of the world. Matching your approach to her style and personality can make things seem more natural for her so she feels more receptive and gives you the answer you want.

Life coach, writer and always in love!