types of love

People may love those who love them back. The degrees of love can vary – a lot or a little. Love for one person can be more than another. It can be strong and it can be weak. Love for family is different than love for friends. There are other types of love characterized by greed or vanity.

The highest form of love is the expression of spirituality. Such a kind of love comes from the belief in the supernatural or the greatest power that controls the universe. The source of divinity in love is the ability to give and receive. In fact, it is the greatest of all human qualities.

In this context, love can be defined by several types. Such a distinction helps us to understand the virtue of giving. Each of the types of love allows you to become more mature and realize its true meaning.

When you can appreciate a healthy balance of these facets of love, you will be truly able to distinguish it from self-fulfillment. Being able to implement these factors helps you to establish a happy and successful relationship.

According to Rutgers University’s National Marriage Project Survey, 94% of the participants indicated that they wanted their spouse to be the first and foremost soul mate. In the same survey conducted, another 88% said they believe there is a special person waiting for you out there.

The ancient Greeks were just as sophisticated in the way they talked about love just like the vocabulary they used for the different varieties of coffee. Find out how these types of love can help you discover love in depth and even find your unique soulmate!

The Types of Love

Dangerous and fiery “Eros” love

Love infused with sexual passion and desire was termed as “Eros” by the ancient Greeks. Eros – the Greek God of fertility symbolizes this form of love. Back then, people of the Grecian culture did not find it as positive as we do today.

In fact, it was looked upon as fierceful, dangerous and irrational way of loving – somewhat forceful and possessive. Described as such by many Greek spiritual thinkers and also by Clive Staples Lewis (1898–1963) who was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and wrote a book “The Four Loves” to emphasize his attitude.

Though Greeks are known to be valiant and romantic in nature, it is quite surprising that they termed “Eros” as the type of love where one loses control. But, that is what many people are now precisely seeking in a relationship. Don’t we all want to fall into love “madly”?

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Comradely friendly of “Philia” love

This kind of love is characterized by the bond between brothers and is described as comradely friendship. The act of friendship developed between brothers that fought side by side on the battlefield and showed their loyalty to their friends by sacrificing their love is the essence of a “Philia” love.

It is about sharing your emotions with the beloved. This can also be stated as “Storge” – another kind of Philia that embodies the love between parents and their children.

Playful and flirtatious “Ludus”

The playful affection between young lovers is the type of love addressed here. Often seen in the early stages of friendship in a relationship. Getting associated with strangers is regarded as the ultimate Ludic activity.

In fact, if you go deeper into its meaning, it is not unlikely for anyone to term it as a substitute for sex itself.

Noticeable with young adults, this kind of love is often frowned upon by the society. But, if you’re looking for some playful association, the “Ludus” is the best type of love.

Selfless affection of “Agape”

The idea of “Agape” love is selfless, which can be extended to everyone – family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. This selfless love in Greek was later translated into Latin as charitas. From here comes the origin of charity. The selfless act of love appears as the highest form in most religious traditions.

But “Agape” is in rapid decline in most countries. Empathy has been the lowest in the past 50 years. There is an urgent need to revive the urge to care about strangers.

Maturity in “Pragma”

Couples develop deeper understanding and learn about making compromises to ensure relationships work. The act of showing patience and tolerance allows people to realize the meaning of making the love work out.

“Pragma” is the modern day requirement with the need for couples to be more tolerant and cooperative towards each other.

Self-love of “Philautia”

If you love yourself in a healthy way, it enriches your capacity to widen your perspective of love. Instead of looking into gaining personal fame and fortune, a “Philautia” love makes you feel secure.

This concept of “self-compassion” enables you to give plenty of love to others. Like an extension of love towards your family and friends, you also spread the friendly feelings towards others as well.

Love is diverse, the Grecian theory of love describes it all. The expression of love is distinct in each type of relationship. However, most people would rather look for all these facets of love wrapped in a single soul mate or partner.

The best way to experience profound love in your bonding with others is to source and nurture these varieties of love. You can choose to be a “Pragma” to spend valuable time with your partner understanding the person better, or you could even become an “Agape” to care other others. A “Ludas” style of love could get you dancing the whole night away!


If you’re thinking that you can expect all these types of love from one single person, then think again! Do not become obsessed with perfection.

A relation can begin with “Eros” and “Ludus”, then evolve to the more understanding “Pragma” and experience the divinity with an “Agape”.

In fact, you could map out the extent of love that you can harness to give and receive from others. That way you will surely get a love more love than you could have ever imagined.

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