passion in marriage or relationship

There comes the point in every marriage when passion wanes from courting and honeymoon days. Beginnings don’t remain beginnings forever. Nonetheless, getting much of that excitement back is entirely possible.

However, passion after that honeymoon period in a life-long marriage must include intimacy. There will be no way to reignite passion without it.

Reignite Passion in Marriage or Relationship

1. Date your Mate

Dating is a romantic experience, but married couples rarely set aside the time to make it a priority. Getting out to a party together, for instance, can create some positive tension that is necessary for rekindling the passion. Simple things like flirting throughout the date and recalling memories of intimate times can also ignite the flame.

2. Assess Your Appearance

Both men and women may tend to let themselves go after marriage. Even if they have to maintain some physical decorum for the workplace, a shabbier appearance on weekends at home can become commonplace. Your appearance should tell your partner you care as much now how you look to him or her as you once did.

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3. Touch and Kiss

Don’t wait for the passion for striking before there is any physical intimacy resoundingly. Spontaneously kissing and touching each other warmly and gently triggers your feel-good hormones. This type of intimacy is a sure path to stirring up passion, if not for the present moment, at least in the near future.

4. The Little Things Matter

Being together longer has its own advantages for reigniting the passion. You know the little things you do that make your partner feel comfortable and secure, increasing those feel-good hormones. Not only doing those things but recognizing the little things your partner is doing for you, things you might be taking for granted will work toward igniting flames of passion.

5. Role-Playing

Another advantage to being together longer is knowing what turns your partner on. Do a little role-playing. Many relationship experts say it is crucial for married couples to share their fantasies. Many therapists cite ways to incorporate role-playing into your love life without feeling too awkward.

6. Spend Less Time Together

Spending too much time together can stifle passion. Remember that you’re two different individuals with different needs and desires. Controlling your partner’s ability to be all he or she can be as a person apart from you will be a turn-off. No two people can grow as individuals if they’re always together.

7. Have a Valentine’s Day in the Summer

Why is it necessary for Hallmark to decide when you’re going to celebrate your passion for each other? Setting aside a special day out of the season can make the holiday you create together more passionate for just the two of you. Rather than celebrating the holiday just because it’s designated, leave the day open for spontaneity and emotional fireworks.

8. Send Romantic Love Texts, E-mails or Voicemails

Exchanging romantic, little one-liners with your husband or wife throughout the day can send the two of you reeling into each other’s arms. Don’t waste your emotions. If you have to get a babysitter and meet at a motel for a few hours, do it. The strange surroundings might even add to the passion.

9. A Week’s Program to Reignite Passion

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the author of “A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy,” explains a seven-night program for married couples with exercises of intimate reciprocity, building to the consummation of the passion being created on the sixth and seventh nights. The amount of time this program takes may not be convenient for everyone, but if you have the time, it’s worth the effort.

10. Chocolate Covered Strawberries and other Aphrodisiacs

Edible aphrodisiacs should not be ignored when considering ways to bring back the passion. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to indulge in foods that can heighten your experiences. Breeze through these selections of edible aphrodisiacs for more ideas. A combination of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates will arouse both males and females.

11. Professional Therapy

There is no shame in seeking professional help for lack of passion. It means you have a vested interest in the relationship, and you want to make it the best it can be. Relationships therapists know the anxiety couples face in deciding to talk about their problems over with a third party. They’re trained to put you at ease.

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