Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

Relationships are filled with moments and firsts that may be scary. However, long before you get to the relationship there is that awkward, often nerve-wracking point when you are trying to figure out just how to get that guy you already have noticed to notice you.

Whether he is a perfect stranger, long-time friend, or an acquaintance there is a difference between noticing you and “NOTICING” you. When you have your eye on a guy, but have no idea how to get his eyes on you consider trying out a few of these 8 tips.

Get a Guy to Notice You

1. Keep your eyes off your phone

We are constantly on our phones. But, if you are hoping to get a certain someone to talk to you try putting down the phone. While you are busy texting, playing games, or just surfing the web the signal you are putting out is that you are busy.

If you want to seem approachable be present, not busy on your phone. He isn’t going to want to interrupt you when you appear busy.

2. Dress to be noticed

Okay, it may seem superficial to tell you to dress up, or dress sexy. But, the first thing someone notices about you is your appearance. While we all want a guy who thinks we look sexy in our sweats on Saturday morning, long before he has a chance to notice every fine detail about what makes you sexy, he is going to be taking in the whole picture from afar.

Paint the picture you want him to see, remember you noticed him too, and odds are at least a part of that was because you were attracted to him.

3. Close the gap

It doesn’t matter if you noticed him from across a crowded room, or if you are in the same class, or if you take your breaks at the same time at work. Once you have your on eye on him, close the distance gap. I am not implying you should hover over him.

But, if you want a better chance of being noticed try being closer. If he is across the room, consider moving halfway there, we tend to notice people around us. Get on his radar by flying just a little closer.

4. Be a fanSometimes the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in

Like sports? Exciting news, a lot of guys do too! Consider dawning some fan gear you have for your favorite sports team. This can be a great ice breaker and an invitation for conversation.

Now, when you have some intel on the guy you have your eye on you can take this one step further.

Does he like a team, band, movie, or really anything that you do? If you are a big fan of something he is show it off, fans love to talk to other fans.

5. The tried and true

We all know the move, a little eye contact with a quick smile. Some girls toss in a wave, a nod, a tip of a glass in their hand. There are hundreds of thousands of little variations, we all have our own.

Just because it may be one of the oldest tricks in the book doesn’t make it invalid, in fact, the reason every girl knows it is because it works. Don’t stare him down though, and don’t keep looking back over, toss him one, maybe two looks, and then it is up to him.

6. You cannot hold it in anymore

A great sign you are ready to say I love you, is that you can barely stop yourself from saying it. If those three words are ready to leap from your mouth every time you talk to your partner, maybe it is time to go ahead and let them slip out. If you’re mouth is so certain you are fighting to not say it, it’s time to say it.

7. Be the nice girl

When his eyes might be on make sure you are acting like his eyes might be on you. When you first start dating you put your best foot forward. Once you notice a guy and start trying to get him to notice you, start putting your best foot forward. He is less likely to come talk to you if you are being mean to the bartender, or mocking a coworker or fellow student.

Be yourself, but, be the best you. The happy, active, laughing, pleasant, kind, funny, sweet you. He might notice you long before he comes to talk to you, and if he is watching you don’t want to show him something ugly.

8. Ask him a question

Ask him the time, for a pen, a lighter, how to get to somewhere. This is a great way to open up the chance for conversation. Even if you two don’t end up going out for coffee or sitting down and having a long conversation, he noticed you.

Some guys are shyer than others, and it may take a while to work up the nerve to ask you out, so building up slowly with small talk might be the best route. It is up to you how much time you want to invest into getting him to notice you and make a move.

Conclusion – Once the conversation has started

Stay calm. Be playful, and fun. Be yourself. Follow his lead, if he is obviously shy, give him time to warm up, not because you can’t take charge, but because you don’t want to overwhelm him or scare him off. If you keep him wanting more, he will keep coming back. And, each time you can step it up a little more.

Steer clear of conversations about ex’s, or anything else that might be a bit much for just starting out. Follow your gut, and your heart, once the nerves start to fade, it’s generally pretty easy to figure out your next move.

Hi! I'm Maya Taylor. I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences through this blog. I'm a couples and relationships counselor since 2008. My friends call me "relationships therapist". I'm passionate with life and I believe that life is meaningless without love. Hope to have a great communication through!