30 Short Love Poems For Her Eyes Only

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  • As nectar fills the flower,
    giving sustenance to the bee,
    I need you every hour,
    to give your love to me.
  • If I write a love letter and send it to you,
    Will you write back in a day or two?
    Will you scribble kind words in soft curling ink?
    Will you seal it with lips that are curving and pink?
  • When I can’t say it with words, look into my eyes
    and you’ll find infinite true love I can’t vocalize.
  • My love is a promise, an unbreakable bond.
    Forever I’ll love you, here and beyond.
  • Like bees love honey, and flowers love sun,
    I love you, my darling, you’re the only one.
  • A chance encounter, really just a glance;
    And now my heart, my very soul, doesn’t stand a chance.
  • When I’m down, you lift me up.
    When I’m hurting, you make me well.
    Your love is over the top, and
    I’m forever under your spell.

Short love poems for her - My love is a promise

  • If time could ease its relentless march when we’re together,
    and hasten its plodding pace when we’re apart,
    I could spend an eternity in your arms,
    to savor love everlasting in my heart.
  • My joy is complete when I’m with you.
    Our time is sweet and our love is True.
  • To feel your hands warm on my face,
    To hold you close in a loving embrace,
    To kiss your lips with passion and peace,
    I’d give everything and ask time to cease.
  • My compass points to you,
    and all pathways lead home.
    I always find you waiting,
    no matter where I roam.
  • Your smile never fails to move me.
    Your touch leaves me breathless.
    You speak, and I’m removed from this world,
    to a place where love is deathless.

Short love poems for her - My joy is complete when I'm with you

  • I didn’t start out to end this way,
    so in love that I can’t see straight.
    Now how can life be anything but this?
    Encountering you was always my fate.
  • To win you over, I gave my all.
    You are worth everything.
    Our trophy is love, to treasure forever,
    and its symbol is this ring.
  • My love for you is an intense longing.
    No one has loved like this before.
    And I will love you deeply, truly,
    now and forevermore.
  • Your love waters my soul, feeds my being, keeps me alive.
    Your devotion is my very essence, allowing me to thrive.
  • Your hands have held me, stroked my hair,
    touched me gently, showed you care.
    Your lips have kissed me, brushed my cheek,
    tasted my tears, made me weak.
  • I live for you only.
    Your lips alone fit into mine.
    I need your love exclusively.
    Your matchless love is divine.

Short love poems for her - Like bees love honey

  • Our love is a familiar rendition, notes played softly, a revival of peace.
    Sometimes it’s a crashing symphony, passionately played, a joyful masterpiece.
  • Our future is a gift to be opened,
    filled with unimaginable treasures.
    It’s a book to be read,
    brimming with all of life’s pleasures.
  • If I were a bird,
    a robin or a jay,
    I’d fly to your house,
    and serenade you all day.
  • Tonight, look up and see the moon.
    I’m looking too, and I’ll be with you soon.
  • When the stars are bright and the moon is glowing,
    Our river of love will soon be flowing.
  • Like a river to the sea,
    bring your sweet love home to me.
  • Your love is magic, a bewitchment, a spell.
    But how much you love me, I never can tell.
  • You’re a beckoning force, a magnetic soul.
    I can’t turn away because you make me whole.
  • You whisper soft love with lips that beckon.
    And I can’t live without you for even one second.
  • How many days have we been in love?
    How many secrets have we spoken of?
    How many wishes have yet to come true?
    How many wonders will I see with you?
  • I knew you were there, but I didn’t know your name.
    I called for you, but you never came.
    I knew it was you, but I didn’t know your face.
    Then my soul recognized you; our souls have embraced.